Hounslow Jamia Masjid and Islamic Centre

Help to Build your Mosque

Help to Build your Mosque and Build your place in Jannah

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Mosque construction with Al Mustafa Welfare Trust

Let’s work together to expand and improve your very own Mosque. The Mosque is an essential pillar of the Islamic community – a center for prayer and worship, as well as important community events and social gatherings. The community relies on Mosques for these reasons and plenty and for this very reason we have had to expand so we can provide you all with the necessary facilities and amenities.

We are on a mission to achieve this, and with the ongoing support of our generous donors, we can complete the extension alongside renovating the existing building

By supporting Hounslow Masjid’s extension project, not only will you be actively helping to expand an important centre for worship and community, but you will also be building your own palace in Jannah, Insha’Allah. A dedicated place in which to pray, read and recite the Holy Qur’an, and nourish your soul is so important.

Donating to the Masjid project will help to continue to provide a blessed Mosque for our brothers and sisters in Hounslow, ensuring that they can experience the joy of worship

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Dedicated Sisters Wudu Area

Purpose Built Ladies Section

Additional Disabled Lift

Expanded Man Hall prayer Area

Dedicated Youth facility