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Divorce Services

Divorce Process – Hounslow Jamia Masjid

Please note the Masjid does not provide a form of divorce initiated by the wife, which is effected by the return of her husband’s wedding gift. This is known as Khula. We cater for Talaq, the divorce pronounced by the husband. For this to take place, both parties have to be in agreement and be physically present.

1. All new and prospective clients, must download the Divorce Booking Form, fill it in and post (addressed to Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre, 367 Wellington Road South, TW4 5HU) or E-Mail to the Masjid (info@hounslowmasjid.co.uk).

2. Upon obtaining a fully completed booking form with the relevant details from the applicant – the Masjid will register the application.

Please note the average processing time from receipt of booking form to completion is approximately 4 weeks. During this time both parties will be contacted with a view to reconciliation. The fee due at time of application is £200

3. The Masjid will ensure the Mahr (dowry) agreed at the time of marriage has been paid in full. The Masjid will only consider the full amount of dower to have been paid by the husband, where this amount is identical to the full dower amount, as originally specified at the time of marriage.

4. The Masjid will also ensure that 3 months expenditure will be covered by the husband. The finer details and arrangements surrounding this will be subject to discussion and agreement.

5. After all of the above stages have been reached, the Masjid will issue two original copies of Islamic divorce; one will be sent, with the dower amount, by post to the woman, and one copy will be presented or forwarded to the applicant.

An application will not be registered if any details or documents mentioned below are not presented on the day of meeting:

Nikah Na’ama / Wedding Certificate
Passport of each party
Proof of address of husband

The Masjid conducts Islamic divorces only. It does not conduct cases as part of the UK legal or judicial systems. For advice regarding a civil divorce, please consult a qualified, legal representative.

Please find the Divorce Booking Form below (reference to points 1 and 2 above)