Be a Volunteer – Trash Warrior

Be a Volunteer for a Cleaner Environment!

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to join our Trash Warriors team and make a positive impact on our environment

As a Trash Warrior, you will:

Participate in community clean-up events to tackle litter and waste.
Build a team of dedicated like minded volunteers to spread work across the borough
Help raise awareness about the environmental consequences of improper waste disposal.

If you are interested in joining the above please email with your name, age, hours of availability, vision and contact number

Empowering The Future

Empowering The Future

A weekly online class designed to nurture spiritual and moral values in children
Ages 5-12 (boys and girls)
£20 a month (per family)
Classes delivered online
Classes recorded with playback

To register your child email in the first instance with parents name, child’s name and age and contact details. We will then send instructions for the signup once received

Sadaqa Jariyah Opportunity

Last day of Ramadan – chance to have your deeds multiplied and any mistakes of the month forgiven
We have another opportunity for our brothers and sisters to earn everlasting reward
You have supported us with the 40 Hadith booklet which was distributed worldwide, the Little Library which is being installed after Ramadan, and the prosthetic limbs appeal
What is this new project?
We are producing a booklet for Raising Children – a handbook for Muslim Parents
Have your or your loved ones name mentioned in the print of the booklet for everlasting reward to whomever reads and benefits
If you would like to be part of this new project please donate generously at
and select Raising Muslim Children Booklet
Once payment is recorded we will be in touch for the names that you would like in the booklet
**TARGET – £500**

Revert Network

New to Islam, confused, don’t know who to turn to or ask? Email us discreetly and we will respond within 24 hours – answers from qualified Imams


Eid ul Adha 2023 Announcement

Eid Ul Adha 2023 will be celebrated

EID UL ADHA 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday 28th June 2023

Eid Ul Adha 2023 will be celebrated on Wednesday June 28th 2023

HJM Wills – Start your will today

Welcome to HJM Wills

Planning for your Hereafter

Although keeping an Islamic will is stressed upon in our religion, we often do not pay attention to it until it is too late. The Covid-19 pandemic is a lesson to us that we are closer to death than we think

We are delighted to inform you of our new Islamic will writing service, enshrined within the Shariah framework and fully compliant with English Law

Our expert team has extensive knowledge of both the provisions of Shariah law and the requirements under English law. We are able to provide tailored advice to your individual situation, ensuring that your Islamic Will is prepared in accordance with your faith. We can provide clear advice and planning in relation to many common issues faced when writing a Will according to Islamic law

Start your Islamic will today

For more details visit

Eid Gifts for Prisoners

Anas ibn Malik reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “All of the children of Adam are sinners, and the best sinners are those who repent.

Help bring a smile to our brothers in prison this Eid with a small gift

We will be distribution perfume on behalf of the community to all the Muslim prisoners

Target to be reached is £200

To contribute please visit

And select Eid gifts for prisoners



Pre-Iftar Transmissions

Follow us live with special guests and the Maghrib Adhan before Iftar

Live on Youtube every day throughout Ramadan 15 minutes before Iftar